Why Censco

Censco offers solutions to common industry problems. Our solutions set in place the design quality and technical documentation required to allow your manufacturing processes to be more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective.

Below are typical problems you might encounter due to poor design quality and/or incomplete technical documentation:

  • Repeated design errors found during assembly each time a new system is released for manufacturing.
  • Unnecessary design features inherited into products that are no longer used.
  • Grossly overdesigned features due to not calculating the strength or structural integrity of the design.
  • Delays found during assembly due to incomplete designs or designs that were not properly documented because engineers were forced to shorten engineering cycle time prior to releasing it to manufacturing.
  • Assembly personnel spending a lot of time drilling and tapping holes in order to assemble all components.
  • Your engineers constantly being called to the assembly floor to help solve problems.
  • Your engineers being called by outside machine shops or vendors because there is not enough information to supply the parts.
  • Assembly personnel are constantly in the engineering office seeking clarification or asking for instructions.
  • There is only one person in your company that knows how to put something together.
  • Technical personnel, who retire or leave the company, take valuable information with them.
  • BOM with missing parts and/or quantities.
  • BOM with discontinued parts because vendor went out of business or the part is obsolete.
  • You would like to add more resources to an assembly line but there are not enough instructions or clear assembly documentation to help new or inexperienced personnel.
  • Only highly skilled personnel are capable of doing a job that can be done by a less skilled laborer with clear and complete documentation available.
  • Corrections or mark-ups made on the floor were not transcribed into the original drawing.
  • Out-dated drawings not matching what is being built.
  • Interferences or assembly problems found due to the use of non-parametric software.

Censco’s services are also ideal for clients with specific needs…

For clients with low engineering capacity:

  • Available resources at your finger tips.
  • Improve your performance.
  • Lower your cost.

For clients who don’t have time to put spec packages together:

  • Censco provides real time interaction.

For clients with a global mentality and currently outsourcing:

  • Challenges to outsource projects.
  • Requiring interaction in same time zone.
  • Another choice regarding your outsourcing needs.

For clients under constant pressure to meet engineering deadlines:

  • Shorten your engineering cycle.
  • Deliver your engineering on time.

For clients with delivery penalty clauses:

  • It is cost-effective to engage our team at any time in the project.
  • Censco can help with urgent outsourcing that is more economical than in-house cost.
  • If you deliver your engineering projects on time, you won’t have to pay extra to expedite manufacturing.

For clients not sure when it is time to hire:

  • You can use Censco on a project by project basis.
  • You don’t have to lay off resources.
  • Your don’t have to re-train resources.

For clients with valuable in-house resources doing non-core functions:

  • Let Censco do the non-core engineering for you.
  • Let Censco complete the engineering documentation for you.
  • Let Censco update your legacy data for you.
  • Converting drawings from old formats is not an efficient way to utilize your in-house team.
  • Censco can detail your designs for manufacturing.
  • Censco can create layout drawings or general arrangement documentation for proposal purposes.
  • Censco provides full 2D/3D and electrical capabilities.
  • There is no job too small.

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