Electromechanical Documentation

Censco provides electromechanical documentation services to complete your projects, because one of the most important parts of a project is clear documentation. This documentation may become complex, especially when it includes electromechanical designs.

Our electrical engineering services include, but are not limited to:

  • Update schematics from markups Detailing Services – assembly drawing specific customer requirements
  • Update schematics from a change list and/or change descriptions
  • Create schematics from a spreadsheet and/or signal list
  • Create schematics from a specification list and a reference project
  • Upgrade/retrofit schematics from a project overview and/or reference project
  • Update panel layouts from layout markups and/or schematic markups
  • Design panel layout from schematics
  • Upgrade/retrofit panel layouts from a project overview, schematics and original BOM
  • Generate bill of material from panel layout
  • Create cable pull charts for equipment installations from schematics
  • Field wiring distribution drawings for equipment installation
  • Equipment and component selection

What does CENSCO offer?

  • A skilled group of engineers, ready to fulfill requirements and provide engineering inputs to the project
  • 3D models and drawings using drafts, pictures and/or verbal descriptions as a reference
  • 3D models of commercial and fabricated parts
  • Cartoon assembly
  • Full detailed assembly (including electrical wiring and all piping)
  • Operations manual
  • Manual to include a list of parts
  • Assembly instructions
  • Cut sheets for all vendor components
  • List of hardware fasteners
  • List of all other components

Electromechanical Documentation

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