Our Offices

We have an office in the United States, Mexico and Colombia. We can, however, travel anywhere in order to fully meet your needs. We offer our mechanical, electrical and aftermarket services in the United States and Latin America.

United State Office and Services

Censco is located in Lowell, Massachusetts. We provide mechanical and electrical engineering services, as well as additional technical assistance to your company. You can call us and we can plan a visit. The visit can entail a discussion about a new project or simply to offer you improvements through our services.

Apart from many other services, we focus on installation, programming and electrical installations, as well as offer on-site engineering service so you can have more communication with our engineers and thus we can achieve projects that fit to your needs 100%.

Do not hesitate and call us at (978) 387-5391 or drop an email to ask about our services and quotations in sales@censco.com

Mexico Office and Services

By petition of current clients, Censco opened an office in Queretaro, Mexico. Our primary role is to support client’s equipment in Mexico and Latin America with field service and customer training.

This is an excellent opportunity to expand your business, technical support and customer service to clients in this country. We can be your immediate partner to improve your services to existing or potential clients.

We have the capability to execute electro-mechanical projects. This new branch can also support your Electrical Engineering Projects (PLC & HMI programming, electrical schematics, panel layouts).

We can assign dedicated engineers to you who will be fully capable to attend your customer needs in Mexico and Latin America.

Colombia Office and Services

Our office is located in Medellin, Colombia, which is our design center. Our engineers work diligently on your projects, looking for providing the best results to always give the highest quality, unparalleled design and innovative ideas.

Here, our designers are always available to listen to the ideas and corrections to your projects. Do not hesitate to suggest changes as we are here to satisfy your expectations.

Do not worry if you think that distance is a problem. We are always available for our customers and we can visit your company at any location. Do not think that we are only at your service for mechanical and electrical design. We can always go to the company to provide after-sales service, installation of machinery and help in your manufacturing processes.

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