Bim Production

BIM Production

BIM stands for building information modeling. BIM is known to be one of the most effective methods for designing. Censco integrates a digital representation of the function.

  • BIM Services
  • MEP Modeling

In addition to other services Censco can offer:

  • Convert 2D CAD models into BIM models
  • Integrated project delivery Content
  • Creation Customized Components

MEP Modeling

Censco provides a dedicated set of tools to create components on ductwork, pipework and cable tray systems according to custom dimensions and neddings

MEP is one of the most known design programs for create and edit 3D model-based MEP networks base on ductwork, pipework and cable tray systems.

MEP provides a dedicated set of tools to create components of the various MEP-systems:

  • Straight, curved and flexible HVAC ducts, pipes and electrical cabling trays
  • Transitions, junctions and in-line elements to connect MEP components with each other
  • Equipment and terminals for automatic connection at the intake and the output locations of the ventilation, heating and cooling systems.

MEP library part elements are parametric, enabling easy configuration of custom dimensions.

BIM Coordination

  • Coordinate, document and manage your project based on BIM
  • Detailed schedule for construction from models
  • Digital 3D models of existing physical projects
  • Quantity Take-off

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Bim Production Services

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