Installations Management

Censco provides electromechanical installation services including assistance in planning, installation and project management.

2D Drawing and 3D Modeling Projects

Nowadays, when a customer buys a new machine, the company typically does not want to install it. Furthermore, the expectations are that the seller will do that job. Our organization can help both parties by offering quality electromechanical installation services.

Electrical Installation Design Services

  • We create complete cable pull charts for all high-level power, medium-level control and low-level signal field wire needed for the installation of new equipment.
  • We size, identify in the schematics and label each wire point to point connection.
  • We provide detailed drawings for all cable trays, wire way routing and distribution run in the plant layout.

Mechanical Installation Design Services

  • Plant layout drawings
  • Foundation drawings
  • Air, water, smoke, steam & vacuum piping routing
  • Ductwork layout
  • Complete bill of materials

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