How It Works


It’s Easy!

We know that the biggest question when outsourcing CAD work is “How are they going to know what we want?”


If you have an “Engineering Best Practices” document used for your internal staff, send us this file with your project and we will follow it.

If you don’t have formal documented practices, then send us a “similar” project to the one you need completed. We will transfer all the features and layouts from your old project, into the new one!

For 10 years, we have refined our skills and can accomplish even the largest projects (containing 1000’s of detail, assembly and sub-assembly drawings) with very little input from the customer.

Not convinced? Send us a small “Test drawing” and we will complete it for you at no charge. Please submit to

General Process Flow

  • Initial meeting held, either in-person, or via web conference (gotomeeting)
  • Instructions and reference project CAD files are sent to Censco. Native CAD format or IGES preferred.
  • Fixed Price quotation is prepared and submitted to the customer
  • Customer issues PO to Censco
  • Censco Acknowledges customer PO with delivery date

Methodology for Mechanical Projects

  • We process the information into CAD files in your desired output format. (SolidWorks, Inventor)
  • Real time interaction during project execution to resolve questions or scope change (Eastern standard time)
  • Upon completion the CAD files and all the supporting documentation are the deliverables.

Methodology for electrical design

  • Outline project scope.
  • Receive job specifications.
  • Receive equipment component list and signals.
  • Receive a reference job.
  • Create new schematics.

Methodology for equipment retrofits and updates

  • Project instructions and the schematics to be updated are received.
  • Change schematics to match project instructions.
  • Some of the schematic updates include:
    –Drive replacement
    –Replace DC motors for AC motors
    –PLC replacement
    –Upgrade BOM with the most recent catalogs for each component
    –Upgrade and select new components to comply with new requirements (CB’s, Transformers, line Reactors, etc.

Methodology to create electrical panel layouts from schematics

  • Receive schematics.
  • Search and select the corresponding footprint for each component located in the panel.
  • Size the enclosure providing enough space to comfortably fit all components and provide the commercial catalog
  • Detail cut out dimensions if needed.

Methodology to create electrical cable pull chart for equipment installation from schematics from the equipment schematics we calculate:

  • Field cable size
  • Conduit size
  • Cable Tray size

In the equipment general arrangement drawings, we show:

  • Cable Tray Routing
  • Wire Way Routing

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