CENSCO Corporation is a company that was established in 2005. The name is a combination of COLABORATIVE, ENGINEERING, SERVICES and COMPANY. We are an engineering and technical documentation service company with offices in Lowell/Massachusetts, Queretaro/Mexico and Medellin/Colombia. We are proficient in solid modeling with several programs (Solidworks Electrical and Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical and Mechanical, Autodesk Inventor, Navisworks), FEA and CFD analysis, drawing dimension and tolerancing according to ANSY Y14.5 standard. One of our areas of service is related to design documentation services for new products and process equipment.

Computer Aided Design in Massachusetts
Convert 2D Drawing Designs into 3D Objects Models OUR DESIGNERS
Electrical Control Panel Cabinet Design Routing OUR NEW BRAND FACILITY IN MEXICO

Our documentation services will allow your engineering team more leverage and flexibility to stay focused on core engineering task. We can take your conceptual designs and develop them in to a fully detailed engineering package with all the required manufacturing documentation. Furthermore, our services will leave in place models and quality that meet your design specifications throughout the design cycle while enabling upstream and downstream reusability of these models throughout the entire enterprise.

We have a group of highly skilled engineering talent that can collaborate in many different fronts. Our in-house resources include product design engineers, FEA analysts, electrical and electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, production engineers, quality engineers. In working with us, you will enjoy our combined capabilities and wide range of skills we offer.

You can enjoy the flexibility to modulate the amount of resources you need. But more importantly we will help you increase the time for your internal design teams to stay focus on core design tasks, let us do the detailed work. Also, the labor cost in working with us is about 50% lower than the cost of hiring someone fulltime. Please consider the combined benefits of our services and let us try one project to prove all this to you.

We are the leader in mechanical and electrical design especially in industrial manufacturing equipment.

We are a company focus on design and installation of industrial equipment technologies. We at the same time offer training, support and aftermarket services to our entire customers.







Message from the Director

FEA Analysis and Simulation Services

Censco owner Juan Cardona

We are a company with more than 13 years in the field of mechanical engineering. Since inception, we have grown and expanded our services to returning clients and have successfully sought a new client base. We continue to strive towards providing the best quality of mechanical, electrical and aftermarket services. In addition to expanding a customer base, we have also expanded our service area to cover United States, Mexico and Latin America. We are also making strides in the Europe and Asian sectors.

When partnering with Censco, you can expect high quality and cost-effective engineering support with timely solutions. We offer the dependability and flexibility to meet all your needs. Your company can focus on core competencies while outsourcing non-core engineering activities. With our support in providing professional engineering services, you can focus on developing new concepts and designs that add tremendous value to your organization

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