Patent Design Documentation

  • CENSCO specializes in collaborating with Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Startups to extract the maximum potential from product ideas. CENSCO has years of experience in product design across many industries and market sectors, adding innovation value and manufacturing feasibility to every project.
  • Having a patent for your design is the best way to protect your intellectual property, but having a patent just as a conceptual design is only the first step of the manufacturing process. To convert your patent into a tangible and feasible design, a proper engineering process and technical documentation for manufacturing is a must.
  • CENSCO can offer full array of manufacturing documentation, such as creating 3D models, design analysis, simulations, BOMs, assemblies and detailed drawings, among others. These are all part of the design for manufacturing process. This will ensure your product is produced and meet the industry standards.
  • We work with the most common design software programs. No job is too big or small and we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to protect your confidentiality.

What does CENSCO offer?

  • Engineering assessment for your project before or after patent.
  • Standardization of scalability of the concept design.
  • Component and part selection based on engineering calculations and vendor specifications.
  • FEA of models to verify the structural integrity of your concept design.
  • Design alternatives to overcome set backs with technical issues encountered with the original design
  • Maintenance and operation manuals.
  • All documentation comply with ANSI or ISO standards.

Patent Design Documentation


  • You are not required to be an expert in engineering areas, we will provide the expertise.
  • We work with what you have.
  • Complete documentation of your design provided, ready to manufacture.
  • More time to create a new design patent.
  • Affordable cost.

Patent Design Documentation

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