Engineering Services

CENSCO provides high quality mechanical engineering services, greatly reduces engineering and manufacturing costs, facilitates on time delivery of your projects, leaves in place complete technical documentation in intelligent format as a platform for future projects and allows your engineers to concentrate on their core activities.

CENSCO provides electromechanical documentation services to complete your projects, because one of the most important part of a project is a clear documentation. This documentation may become complex especially when it includes electromechanical designs. For practical execution and future reference of a given project a detailed series of documents will be needed.


FEA Services


FEA Services


CENSCO uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to test and validate your designs. This enables for quick and reliable testing without using constructed prototypes. With FEA trustworthy mechanical behaving predictions may be made. This is a way to avoid catastrophic design failure by considering real life loads, fatigue, stress, strain and deformation.

CENSCO setups your piping library in a manner that allows the mechanical or fluids engineer to select the most desired and cost effective piping components from a standard library and consistently work in a stable modeling environment.


CENSCO supports your electrical engineering department in real time with non-core tasks, allowing your engineers to concentrate on core activities. Our electrical and control engineers, with the use of AutoCAD Electrical, are prepared to give you a hand with minimal support from your engineering and real time interaction, we will complete all electrical design documentation for you.





The CENSCO team has years of experience programming numerous PLC platforms. We have close relationships with a number of outside experts and consult with them as needed. We bring you a solution that has been determined to be optimal by the best of the best.


BIM Services


BIM Services


BIM stands for building information modeling. BIM is known to be one of the most effective methods for designing. CENSCO integrates in a digital representation the functional and physical characteristics of a facility. It is an excellent way for combining functionality, usability and experience.

Having a patent for your design is a great way to protect your intellectual property, but having a patent
just as a conceptual design is only the beginning of the process. In order to turn your concept into a tangible and feasible design, a proper engineering process and technical documentation is required.

CENSCO provide equipment component measurements on the field as well as electrical and controls assessments in order to implement these retrofits.


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Serving the entire US, including Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, and Cambridge Massachusetts

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