Design Compliance Service


  • Design documentation quality and completion can save you many headaches down the production line and increase your overall efficiency.
  • We can identify any quality issue in your design including incomplete design documentation.
  • We can check, correct and complete your design documentation.

Censco Adds Value To Your Company

  • Check your designs and add value across all departments in the organization
    – Engineering
    – Manufacturing
    – Marketing and sales
    – After market and service

Design Documentation Compliance

  • Compliance of design documentation according to your engineering principles.
  • Ensures that all appropriate engineering work required to move forward to subsequent activities meet the specific quality expectations.
  • Design compliance is based on a predetermined criteria that results in a pass/fail decision for moving forward in the manufacturing process.
  • We will correct or complete any portion of your design that failed during the design checking phase and ensure all documentation needed is complete and meet quality specifications
  • Set in place a quality gate to move to the next phases in the manufacturing process

Design Compliance Process

  • CENSCO will ensure the quality of your designs by checking your drawings for clear, correct and complete information.extruder
  • We will ensure that all necessary dimensions, tolerance stack up, materials of construction, hardness specs, drawing clarity, surface finishes, weights, center of gravity..etc… are in the drawings.
  • We will ensure that GD&T is properly applied.
  • We will check for manufacturability of parts.
  • We will ensure all assemblies are complete with all details showing with all balloon numbers matching BOM, special notes, hardware specified, interference and fit check…etc.
  • We classify all components in the machine as machine part, weldment part, sheet metal part, casting part, purchased part, assembly, electrical panel layout or electrical cabinet.
  • We create a check list with all the inspection points for each part according to its classification.
  • We will attach a check list with issues to each component or assembly with a fail grade.
  • We will attach a quality compliance note to each part or assembly drawing with a passing grade.
  • We will attach a report with all the design and documentation issues found with our recommendation to solve them.
  • With your approval we will correct and complete the design documentation.


Machine Documentation Services

winderThe competence to manage engineering tasks in an effective way is a competition advantage

  • We take your assembly models or layouts and turn them into a full detailed designs.
  • Allow your in-house design team to focus on core design task.
  • Complete your design documentation that have not kept pace with the rest of the company the results

With complete and accurate documentation you will:

  • Speed up assembly and minimize mistakes
  • Improve service support
  • Improve machine manuals
  • Assist sales proposals
  • Improve spare parts identification



You are the expert

We do not pretend to be the experts at YOUR product.
We do the time consuming tasks that eat up your valuable engineering resources.

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