About Us

CENSCO is a team of drafters and engineers dedicated to providing offsite design compliance documentation and engineering support for the manufacturing industry.

juan cardona in his office

Censco owner Juan Cardona

We provide mechanical, electrical and controls services with a combined capacity of 3200 engineering hours per month.

Censco office manager Alba

Our office manager Alba

Censco new office celebration

Celebration of the brand new facility in Medellin


Areas we Serve

Serving the entire US, including Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, and Cambridge Massachusetts

Software experts in:

AutoCad ElectricalAutoCad Electrical
AutoCad MechanicalAutoCad Mechanical
Solidworks Electrical Solidworks Electrical
Solidworks Mechanical Solidworks Mechanical
Autodesk Inventor Autodesk Inventor
FEA Analysis FEA Analysis
FEA Analysis Revit

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Phone: (978) 387-5391
E-mail: sales@censco.com


Censco, LLC
202 Butman Road
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